One of the many perks of booking your wedding with Rustic Creek is our booked couples open houses. We offer 10-12 open houses a year to allow our booked couples, their friends, family, and vendors to come and plan out the details of their big day. This includes having rehearsals, taking measurements, seeing our included decor, taking engagement photos, having questions answered by staff, and much more. 


We also open these events to unbooked couples that have previously had a private tour of our space, as Rustic Creek doesn't offer multiple private tours. 


Dates will be posted here and on our Facebook as they are scheduled. 

2021 DATES

February: Sunday the 28th: 2-3:30pm

March: Sunday the 21st:2-3:30pm

April: Sunday the 18th: 2-3:30pm

May: Sunday the 16th: 2-3:30pm

June: Sunday the 27th: 2-3:30pm