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The Irby family has owned the property we call Rustic Creek in Verdigris, Ok. since 1912 when it was given to relatives of the Irby family as part of the Dawes Indian Allotment Act. It has been used primarily for raising cattle and running our hay business. We still have a pristine virgin bluestem meadow that has a variety of native Oklahoma flowers!


Steve & Lori Irby moved onto the property in 2006 and built their home just above the creek on the south end of the small ranch. Steve’s folks lived on the north end. Their boys were older and starting families of their own and living nearby in Verdigris. Their youngest, Joshua became engaged in 2013 to our sweet Katie.  Our church could host the wedding, but they needed a place to have their rather large reception. Lori spent a few days on a four-wheeler driving around the acreage scouting out the perfect spot for them to have their reception.  She devised a plan and after convincing the young couple that it was possible…we had our first wedding event at the creek! Our family and friends (over 200 of them) had the best time! Everyone encouraged us to continue and host other events, but sometimes the timing doesn’t feel right.


Fast forward 4 years…. the idea of building a venue bubbled back up to the surface. So, we started to plan, research and called a family meeting. You already know the outcome! We had our first “non-family” wedding in the fall of 2017, and we’ve been going full steam ahead ever since!


The Irby family owns and operates Rustic Creek. The entire family worked many months, long hours and late nights to build what you see today! Our biggest accomplishment is the new Event Center completed in the spring of 2020! This will enable us to be open more days a year and host a larger variety of events. There is always a family member on site, and we are here to serve!


We are blessed and honored to share our place with others. We hope you enjoy our little slice of paradise as much as we do! Our prayer is that you create beautiful memories here at Rustic Creek that will last a lifetime!

- Steve & Lori, Brady and Melissa, Michael & Emily, Joshua and Katie Irby

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